Saturday, June 18, 2011


Edith is turning 89 next week.
We are having a birthday party for her tomorrow, an open house during the afternoon.
I've become quite good at preparing for an elderly party... so if you're thinking of turning 89 any time soon, you should totally hire me to plan your birthday party.
Congratulations Edie! You are beautiful, smart and funny even as you age!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

san diego summer

So I don't blog that often, I appologize, but I really don't think anyone reads this, but none the less.

It has been almost a month since school got out for summer. It was a rough semester. I managed to receive straight Bs though! Health wise I didn't do so hot. I was really really sick at least once a month. January I got a staff infection (I had to go to Urgent Care) and strep throat. February I got the flu. March I got the flu again. Both included four days in bed with a 103 fever. April and May I got a kidney infection. Hello. I became great friends with the nurse practitioner, and my bed. My grandma also went through a scary time in the hospital, and it has been a really rough time on my mom who has been driving up to Santa Barbara and back to help my grandpa and grandma through this. I really had a hard time juggling school work and family during this time, I really wanted to be there for my mom and have time with my grandparents, but I knew that my responsibility was with school work and giving that my all. The Lord was SO good and faithful though and my grandma is doing really well now and is finally home after weeks of recovery!
It was a great semester for my art as well. I took photo two which taught me many alternative processes in the dark room and demanded a lot of my time. I was making cyanotype prints, mural prints where I put the enlarger on the wall of floor and had to roll the paper in troughs of chemicals, I got really into pinhole cameras and finally with polaroid transfer images. My photos throughout this semester have been trying to find a conceptual meaning along with aesthetic. I really looked into "domestic bliss" while photographing baked goods and my friends and their furniture. This will hopefully take flight in my brain and work itself out maybe into a show for my senior year.
I loved working on campus again. It was so fun to hang out with Anne, Austin and Patrick and get closer with my professors like Lael, Jim, momma Alyson, Eugene. etc. Love it. I love my art department.
I continued to be involved in the girls bible study on Monday nights. I absolutely adore those women and learning about women in the bible who have hearts like Christ! Oh, So good. We had a lot of fun! Ashlyn is just so great and is becoming more than just a leader, but a great friend.
Daniel and I just celebrated our one year right as school got out. I'm so blessed to be loved by him. He did some amazing things this semester as well, including leading the high school team to South Africa for 17 days, getting very interested and good at letterpress, eating all of my baked goods, and so much more. We are having a fun summer so far :) While he is teaching surf lessons at Surf Diva in La Jolla, I am taking a summer school independent study photo course with Lael. I have already learned so much and will continue to get pushed throughout the next few weeks.
Larry and Edith are dreams. I found them through Anne's freshman bible study. Reina has been taking care of Larry and Edie, an older couple in Point Loma, for a few months but needed someone to take her place for the summer. What timing it was for me! So I cook dinner ever night from 5-7 and clean their house, but just wait there's MORE! I also get free housing as welL! They offered for me to stay here over the summer as it is more convenient for both of us :) I love them. Such a sweet couple who take care of each other in an abundance of love. It has been a great witnessing opportunity as well, as stubborn as they both are, especially Larry.
So that's that.
i love summer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Any idiot can face a crisis. It's the day to day living that wears you out"

Monday, March 21, 2011


"Showing a lot of improvement today. Sleeping on and off but was responding to us this morn. On ventilator But taking breaths on her own. Above ventilator. Keep praying, its working ! The sign i needed !"


Grandma has a fever and needs prayer for it to go down please. She has accumulated fluid in and around her lungs and are now trying to release that. Thanks for your continued prayers!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It was a good day today. Breathing tube was removed and she is breathing with a slight cpap type mask. Breaths are good and she is working on rebuilding the lung breath strength. She is exercising her lungs and they will wean her off the cpap. She can now talk to us and is feeling better. A little sore from lying on her back but she gets turned regularly and Joyce and I have given her back rubs. White blood count is down demonstrating that the pneumonia is decreasing. She is still on antibiotics for the strep pneumonia though. All the metering numbers are positive and she can now converse with us and the staff very well. She is off the morphine, except for last night when the nurse gave her some to keep her asleep overnight. She will probably still be in the ICU for a few more days but her condition tonight is so much better than a few days ago.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Gma has 2 nurses today lj and natalie. They tried taking her off respirator and will do another trial in a couple of hours. Was not able to breathe on her own. Decreasing the sedation medication. They have to put her back on blood pressure meds. Her blood pressure is dropping and need to put her back on them."